The Green Line Solar Invest Ltd. is a project company founded for the construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants. It wishes to realise incomes from the production of electric energy.


Registered office

lot number 064/9, Kenéz, H-9752

Postal address, seat

1 Uzsoki utca, Szombathely, H-9700

Community tax number



Kenéz Solar Energy Park

Name of the project

marketing of electric energy produced from renewable energy sources based on an FIT resolution.


Green Line Solar Invest Kft.


lot number 064/9, Kenéz, H-9752



Solar energy the free energy resource – Producing energy with pollution-free renewable energies. The sun provides us more energy than we could ever use, thus the utilisation of the energy of the sun, thus the solar cells have a promising future. The sun radiates the energy that is available in all the oil resources in the world that can be found and exploited in 1.5 (one and a half) days onto the earth. The energy consumption of mankind matches the energy of 1 (one) hour of radiation emitted by the sun. The planting and operating of private-owned solar power plants has been a dynamically developing form of investment in West-Europe for more than a decade. Today we can face a rapid spreading of solar cell systems. One of the reasons of this is the ever growing seriousness of utilising alternative energies, the other is the continuous rise of the price of traditional energies. This is typical for the electric energy, thus solar cell systems grow in a pace never seen before.

Alternative energy. Our civilisation has actually been depending since the industrial revolution on energy sources. Our coal, oil and gas resources, that defined the basis of our energy consumption, are dwindling, their price is rising and their use contributes to the alarming emission of carbon-dioxide which causes global warming to a large extent. Thus today it became clear that humanity has to think in the utilisation of other, alternative energy solutions. Today these renewable, alternative energy solutions are available to everyone, therefore the establishing of a solar energy park can contribute to creating a more liveable planet by using alternative energies. If we want our planet to be liveable in centuries for the future generations, then it is inevitable to recognise that the future is definitely in the utilisation of alternative, renewable energies. Solar energy is the basis for almost all processes in the nature, including human life. It provides ample, clean, freely accessible and everywhere available energy now and for the next millennium of years.